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Silver Touch - v1.0

'Silver Touch’ is the first ever complete phpLD bidding template, designed and developed by Right IT Corporation. Most probably, this is the first template for Bidding on phpLD platform.

How to run

- First download the zip file of 'SilverTouchv1.0' from the web server.
- Unzip the file
- Upload the folders and files to your root directory as the following instruction.
- www/templates/
- www/images
- www/main.css

- No need to change or delete any contents.

License: Freeware


Free users can't remove the footer links of the templates. If you are interested to remove those links, please contact to Right IT Corporation.

For questions, help, comments, discussion, etc., please email to hello [at] rightit [dot] net

View the LIVE DEMO of Silver Touch

Available download version(s):

Silver Touch v1.0
Compatibility: BidonphpLD 2.1.2
Total download: 5273
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